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Strong, beautiful, healthy hair is a typical dream of every woman worldwide and usually every man too. However, not everybody has such healthy, abundant hair from birth; instead, people make many concerted efforts to achieve it. Beautiful hair is the result of constant care and education. If you want, you can have this MANE attraction!

The creation of any hairstyle often isn’t complete without using hairdryers and irons, which can spoil the healthy appearance and internal structure of the hair today. Very often, girls and women are trying to bring something original to their images due to cardinal changes in their hairstyles. These may be modern styling and excessive coloring. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the constant care of the health and condition of the hair, because of detrimental effects from various devices and styling products.

The problem of hair loss is quite common to many people. Several factors affect hair loss: from improper care to diverse disorders in the body. First of all, you should go to the doctor to exclude diseases that can cause hair problems. If hair loss isn’t associated with health problems, then you should pay attention to daily care. The reason for hair loss or unhealthy hair tends to reflect incorrect care.

There are tools that, with regular use, will help to make your hair dreams come true and bring the state of any hair into a healthy look. These tips can further promote hair regrowth, prevent hair loss, and enrich appearance.

From this book, you’ll acquire the following:

  • the leading causes of hair loss;
  • how to determine the type of your hair for correct treatment because normal, oily, dry and mixed hair require diverse care approaches;
  • why healthy food is essential; what products can improve hair growth and solve the problem of hair loss;
  • why lack of necessary vitamins can be the reason for damaged hair;
  • how to choose a comb, brush, and hairdryer.

This book offers other information useful for our hair.

I hope this hair care book will be transformative for everybody. Those who have struggled with hair loss, I give strategies and decisions to obtain healthy hair in excellent condition by practical recommendations.